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Press release Communiqué de presse

March 5, 2001 5 March, 2001

Pheromone Sciences Corp's President and CEO, Christopher Neuman, Featured on ROB TV

Pheromone Sciences Corp's President and CEO, Christopher Neuman, was featured on the Friday, March 2/01 "On The Money" segment of ROB TV. Mr. Neuman was interviewed discussing the anticipated milestones in 2001-2002 for Pheromone Sciences Corp, as well as the status of Pheromone's lead product, the PSC Fertility Monitor(TM).

Interview Highlights:

-Pheromone Sciences is developing a platform technology with multiple applications in the areas of human fertility and sexuality. -The Company's PSC Fertility Monitor is a fertility cycle monitoring device for the consumer and professional medical market. Pheromone Sciences is also working on other applications built on the fertility monitor technology platform in addition to exploring the potential of it's synthetic human pheromone analogue PSC Synchronin(TM) for pharmaceutical/therapeutic applications. -U.S. Clinical Trials at two leading academic centers: Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. have started. -Early revenue generation is achievable for its Fertility Monitor product line with FDA approval expected to be sought as a non-invasive medical device in the latter part of 2001.

The interview can be viewed on ROB TV's website at: until Friday, March 9/01. Once on the website home page, to view Mr. Neuman's interview, please first click on "Past Programs" (on the upper left of the home page). Once in the Past Programs field, please scroll over to the Friday column and go down to the "On The Money" segment (2:00pm-3:00pm). By clicking on "Modem" or "High Speed", you will be able to view the full hour segment of "On The Money". Mr. Neuman's interview takes place during the time slot of 14:00 -- 21:00 minutes. Please note that in order to view this interview, you must have Real Player installed in your computer. There is a direct link for this download on the ROB TV website.

For further information, please contact: Christopher Neuman Ph: (416) 861-9854, ext. 226 Email:

Nick Borrelly Ph: (604) 872-2012 Email:

Pheromone Sciences is a biotechnology and medical diagnostics device research and development company that focuses on commercializing technologies in the field of human fertility and sexuality.