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Press release Communiqué de presse

October 29, 2002 29 October, 2002

PSC Fertility Monitor Success Story Profile The First In A Series

Pheromone Sciences Corp (TSX:PHS), is pleased to announce a Toronto based Success Story about a pregnancy resulting from the use of the PSC Fertility Monitor as a timing aid in identifying the conception or fertility window.

The Brenda and Marcus Story as reported to Pheromone Sciences: "As a couple we lead a very active life. Marcus is a marathon runner and is frequently out training for hours each evening. I am 36 years old and also work full- time. We are a very active family, always enjoying the outdoors and participating in our daughter's life fully.

In November 2001, Marcus and I decided to try and conceive a second child. Everyone mentioned to us that it would take only a month or two since we had previously had a child. After six months had passed by, my doctor was becoming concerned about my age and an irregular and long menstrual cycle (39 days) and the possible factor that as Marcus is an avid marathon runner, there might be some impact on his sperm count. He mentioned that our chances for a conception seemed slim without the use of fertility drugs. We decided at the time not to turn to the fertility drugs and allow nature to take its course.

A friend mentioned the new Fertility Monitor product from Pheromone Sciences. As it seemed very easy and simple to use, I decided to give it a try. The watch-like monitor allowed me to continue a normal life without the use of medications or any methods of ovulation detection. I set up the monitor (watch) to coincide with my menstrual cycle and began wearing it as soon as my monthly cycle began in order to determine the most fertile time in my cycle. I wore the watch every night until it told me when my most fertile six days were. The rest is history.

Within the first month of using the PSC Fertility Monitor I became pregnant. I am due this coming March. The fact that I could easily slip the watch on every night without being concerned about trying to take and interpret basal body temperatures each morning or using the very expensive and inconvenient LH test strips (I tried all these to no avail) made my life and my family's so much better and less stressful. I was able to concentrate on other aspects of my life and not worry about the fertile days in my cycle. The watch was able to help us achieve our conception goal by identifying the complete 6 days of the fertility window for us.

I would recommend the PSC Fertility Monitor to anyone who is trying to conceive." said Brenda.

"We are very happy to pass on knowledge of Brenda's and Marcus' success in achieving their conception goals by using our product, the PSC Fertility Monitor", said Christopher Neuman, President and CEO of Pheromone Sciences. "We welcome the news from others who have had or will have a similar experience."

Since the FDA product approval was announced, Pheromone Sciences has opened the site for couples seeking to purchase this new product.

Pheromone Sciences Corp. is a biotechnology and medical diagnostics device research and development company that focuses on commercializing technologies in the field of human reproduction and sexuality.

Pheromone Sciences Corp is a member of MEDEC, which is the national industry association representing over 120 medical device and diagnostic companies. Member companies are dedicated to serving the health care community through the provision of high quality medical products and services that benefit Canadians.

Statements contained in this press release, including those pertaining to scientific and clinical research, commercialization plans, strategic alliances, and intellectual property protection, other than statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements subject to a number of uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from statements made. The TSX Ventures Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or the contents of this news release.

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