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Press release Communiqué de presse

June 23, 2003 23 June, 2003

Pheromone Sciences Issued U.S. Patent on Pheromone's Sensing and Reporting Technology

Toronto, Ontario (July 23, 2003) -- Pheromone Sciences Corp (TSX-V: PHS), a developer of fertility prediction medical devices for both human and large animal applications, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued patent No. 6,592,529 covering Pheromone's sensing and reporting technology in the early prediction of ovulation for female mammals, including humans, using innovative measurements of sweat ion concentrations. Fertility prediction and detection is of daily interest to the lives of millions of women across the United States.

"This patent will serve as a valuable asset as we work through licensing opportunities with potential strategic partners in both the human and large animal marketplaces", remarked Christopher Neuman, President and CEO of Pheromone Sciences. "The patent recognizes the propriety position of Pheromone's unique technology for ovulation detection through the non invasive measurement of sweat ion constituents and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the development of a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio."

The patent is also applicable to the Company's veterinary program. Within the North American dairy industry, it is estimated that about 2 million dairy cows are monitored for their ovulation date at any given point in time as a precursor to artificial insemination procedures being provided to these cattle.

About Pheromone Sciences Corp:

PHEROMONE SCIENCES is a biotechnology and medical diagnostics & device research and development company that focuses on commercializing technologies in the field of human and animal reproduction.

PHEROMONE SCIENCES has capitalized on its potentially breakthrough sensing and reporting technology initially through the development of two products:

- Fertilit�©-OVâ�¢ monitor, a non- invasive fertility cycle monitoring device for the medical professional & consumer market which provides up to 4 days advance notice of ovulation and thereby improving the probability and speed of conception. The product is approved for marketing in the USA, Canada and Western Europe and the company is currently in discussions for marketing and sales partnerships to bring this technology to the consumer.

- The company is currently in feasibility studies that may in the future bring this technology to the dairy industry.

Pheromone Sciences Corp. is a biotechnology and medical diagnostics device research and development company that focuses on commercializing technologies in the field of human reproduction and sexuality.

Pheromone Sciences Corp is a member of MEDEC, which is the national industry association representing over 120 medical device and diagnostic companies. Member companies are dedicated to serving the health care community through the provision of high quality medical products and services that benefit Canadians.

Statements contained in this press release, including those pertaining to scientific and clinical research, commercialization plans, strategic alliances, and intellectual property protection, other than statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements subject to a number of uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from statements made. The TSX Ventures Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or the contents of this news release.

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